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First Comprehensive Generational Wealth Platform for Digital Assets


Thanks to Wyoming’s well-structured regulatory framework, Two Ocean Trust is the first financial institution in the U.S. to offer comprehensive generational wealth management for digital assets. This unique position affords our clients the legal protections, regulatory oversight, and privacy available only to investors in Wyoming. To have a member of our team speak with you directly about our digital asset services, click here. 

Crypto trust and estate management

Qualified Custody
of digital assets

wealth transfer


  • What do I need to open a digital asset account with Two Ocean Trust?
    Two Ocean Trust works with ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and their advisors. We will need to verify that you meet the standard of accredited investor or qualified purchaser. In addition, Two Ocean Trust complies with all Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) regulations. All prospective clients will go through our Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance screening process and provide a valid government ID.
  • What are the minimum account requirements?
    Two Ocean Trust works with accredited investors or qualified purchasers only and requires $10 million minimum of investable assets for each family relationship. Our minimum initial investment for digital assets is $250,000.
  • Is Two Ocean Trust a Qualified Custodian?
    The Wyoming Division of Banking has determined that Two Ocean Trust is permitted to provide custodial services for both digital and traditional assets under Wyoming law. Additionally, the Division finds that Two Ocean may serve as a "qualified custodian." This determination is based on the definition of "bank" in the Advisers Act and the fact that Two Ocean Trust exercises genuine fiduciary services as a substantial portion of its business.
  • Can I establish a trust to hold digital assets?
    Yes. Because we operate as both a chartered trust company and a Qualified Custodian, Two Ocean Trust is uniquely qualified to serve as trustee for Wyoming trusts that hold digital assets.
  • What impact do Wyoming’s digital asset laws have on my investments?
    As a legal matter, the Wyoming Division of Banking views digital assets in the same light as traditional asset classes, and therefore Wyoming banks and trust companies may properly provide custodial services for virtual currency, digital securities and digital consumer assets. Wyoming has also clearly established the commercial/property law status of digital assets, which is a key prerequisite for banks and trust companies to safely custody digital assets.
  • How do I know my digital assets are safe?
    Two Ocean Trust is a Wyoming chartered trust company; as such, we are subject to regular compliance examinations by the Wyoming Division of Banking to ensure that we are in good standing and adhering to Wyoming’s regulatory framework. In addition, we have gone through an exhaustive process to identify the highest quality institutional sub-custodians to store our clients’ cryptographic key information. We currently have a partnership with Anchorage, a leading digital asset platform for institutions. Anchorage’s HSM technology provides safe off-line key storage with no manual human operations involved in the retrieval process, air-gap technology to ensure there is no internet-based exposure, and biometric authentication with enhanced outlier detection to codify their processes. In addition, Anchorage carries a $50 million commercial crime insurance policy that covers assets’ entire life cycle.
  • How can I access my digital asset account information?
    Two Ocean Trust prides itself on private client service. Our team is available to assist clients by email, phone or in-person. Two Ocean Trust’s online client portal is accessible 24/7 for clients to review their accounts. Clients will also be issued statements by Two Ocean Trust.
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