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State-Led Legislative Innovation with Joel Revill

The Last Trade: a weekly, bitcoin native, interactive podcast covering where Bitcoin and traditional finance meet on a macro scale. Hosted by Marty Bent, Jesse Myers (Croesus), Michael Tanguma, and a special weekly guest host.

Join us as we dive into what Bitcoin means for how individuals & institutions save, invest, and propagate their purchasing power through time. It's not just another asset - in the digital age, it's the Last Trade that investors will ever need to make.

0:00 - Intro

1:56 - Joel’s background

6:34 - Wyoming blazes trails for freedom

12:30 - Starting Wyoming’s digital asset legislation

17:05 - Definitions in legislation and state vs federal

22:09 - Stable tokens as a transitional stage for Bitcoin’s adoption

45:06 - Inter-state jurisdictional arbitrage

47:53 - Setting an example for other states

51:51 - Marty Jones escapes

58:53 - Message from Onramp

59:18 - Two Ocean Trust

1:04:54 - Research piece from Two Ocean, Sharpe ratio

1:19:17 - Is zero Bitcoin the riskiest choice?

1:24:42 - Steel bull argument

1:29:22 - Halving and hashrate

1:33:22 - Wrapping


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