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Why the Name Two Ocean Trust?

Our name comes from Two Ocean Pass, a unique hydrologic site on the Continental Divide in Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness. On this pass, Two Ocean Creek splits into two forks. The western fork, Pacific Creek, begins its 1,353 mile journey to the Pacific Ocean via the Snake and Columbia Rivers. The eastern fork, Atlantic Creek, flows 3,488 miles to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Yellowstone, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers.

Like Two Ocean Pass, we are based in the mountains of Wyoming, but have a reach that extends across the continent as well as the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

About Two Ocean Trust

Two Ocean Trust was founded to serve private clients whose assets are multi-generational. We provide investment management and trust services to ultra-high net worth individuals, private family trust companies, and foundations. Based in Jackson Hole, Two Ocean Trust is uniquely positioned to provide access to Wyoming's tax advantages, modern trust laws, and enhanced privacy and asset protections.


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