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State Regulatory Solutions for Cryptocurrency

What do these developments mean for estate planning with digital assets?

Cryptocurrency’s volatility, along with headlines of everything from the loss of private “keys” to the failure of any number of cryptocurrencies, has left some investors skeptical as to whether it’s a safe investment. For many investors, however, the risk is worth the reward. In a worldwide pandemic, when governments are embracing modern monetary theories and relying on economic stimulus programs to ease the financial burden of citizens, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may be an attractive haven. The finite supply and cryptographic security provide a hedge against social instability and inflation. Bitcoin appreciated nearly 770% during the first year of the pandemic, leaving the traditional “bar of gold” inflation hedge in its wake.

For those who are diversifying into cryptocurrencies—family offices, individuals, institutional investors—it’s a brave new digital world where caution and careful planning are essential.


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